Low Level Light Therapy – Photonic Stimulator

This amazing handheld device helps stimulate the recovery process at the cellular level. It also helps relax the brain for neurofeedback application.

What are the benefits?

Low-Level Laser Therapy and “Cold Laser Therapy”, are basically the same.  LLLT is an effective treatment against chronic, acute injuries, and brain neural stimulation.  Concussions, traumatic brain injuries, arthritis pain, tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia pain, as well as back, neck, and knee pain are just some of the conditions that can be treated with this type of therapy.

A major use for LLLT is its ability to help people who have suffered from sports injuries, car accidents, and much more.   The reason LLLT is so popular is due to its efficacy in relieving pain and accelerating the speed of recovery without any down time.

Helps Your Body Heal Itself Without Medication

One of the reasons LLLT is considered alternative medicine is that it has produced results without the use of medication. If you’re sensitive or allergic to harsh medications, LLLT is a wonderful alternative that is safe, natural, and effective. The low-level light stimulates your body’s own healing process without the risk of burning.

Low Light Laser Therapy is just one of our therapies that we stack to maximize your brain health and wellness.