What is EMDR?

I think of EMDR as the structure and organization to the treatment.  You may not be aware of it because we’re not using eye movements yet, but starting as soon as your first appointment with me, we are “doing EMDR”.

I look at the issues through my EMDR lens and it helps me to determine where to start.  At times, folks come in knowing what their past traumas are.  Other times, people have a vague idea or no idea of what is causing the problems.

Either way, EMDR can help both of us streamline what we are going to do in treatment and then to organize what we’re going to do.

Preparing for Your EMDR Journey

Once we have that figured out, we are on the road to preparation!  I think of treatment as a journey we have decided to take together.  I am the guide that has been on journeys before, but never specifically yours.  We spend some time getting ready for the trip by “packing” some things to take along with us.  (Some more complex trips will take more time to pack for…)

Then we board the train for the journey (this is what everyone will recognize as EMDR because we will be employing Bilateral Stimulation – eye movements or using the “buzzies”).

Don’t worry if we hit a snag along the way, we can always fetch anything we need!

I am excited to be a part of your journey and I hope you’ll find that it was well worth going.

EMDR Resources

There are loads of resources out there about EMDR.  For some books, check out the list on my Resources page.  Otherwise, here are some other online resources: